Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Update on Crochet Sandal...

October 2, 2012

Wow... it has been a while.. I finished the other crochet sandal and they are cute. I added some elastic to the rear strap that goes across the back the top of the heel. Seems to work better with the elastic.

Hubby finished the chicken coop. We have 6 hens. With the cool weather coming he strung some lights out there and they are laying 5-6 eggs a day...

Today, I'm going to make some cookies and use up some of those eggs..

I have brought out my crochet table cloth project I've been working on and have resumed working on it... only 15 more rows to go... but the time it takes to get around the circumference of the table cloth takes a bit of time...

Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

I did not finish any craft projects over the weekend, but I did start a new one.. they are the cutest little crocheted flipflops and I'm trying to design them as I go, I need to finish the one for the other foot, but so far they are pretty cute.

Other things I did over the weekend:
Trimmed trees, worked in the garden, my green beans are blooming, as are my tomatoes, peaches are getting bigger.. and I will need to clip some of the lavender stems... they smell so good, did some deadhead work out in the flower beds... plus all of the inside stuff, vacuumed, swept up the floors, dusted, changed the sheets on the bed, hung them out to dry... ohhh, they smell so clean and fresh when I climbed into bed last night... laundry all done as well as the ironing.. yes I still iron... I like my clothes looking fresh and pressed (-:

All in all it was a busy and productive weekend... hubby is almost ready to put the doors on the chicken coop... then I will put some paint on it and it's already for the layers...

Monday, June 18, 2012

How Many Crafts / Projects Do You Have Going ?

I'm looking around my little craft hobby room/office and I see I have several projects that are at various stages of completion.
I finally got my dress makers form and am so excited to start a new project using it...
but before I do... I am going to finish some of these other little projects I have in the works already...


Here it is just days before Christmas... I've had my sewing machine out and have been working on some jean bags for my great nieces.. I have one more to go for the great them and two more to go for a couple of other little girls that are near and dear to me.. now that I've got the promo type out of the way... :-)

Will post pictures soon... right now.. have to get some pies in the oven for Christmas.